In case your idea of vacation includes a clear-cut barrier between everyday responsibilities, business and relaxation, you might want to think about not necessarily drawing such a strict line between these domains of your life. Crvena Luka offers a unique combination of the latest technological benefits and knowledge of traditional construction techniques in a balanced coexistence with nature. Enjoy your carefree ownership of real estate with no additional responsibilities or worrying about the quality of its maintenance.

Through our vacation rental arrangements, your newly purchased real estate items may bring you extra profit. Acting in the manner of a good manager, we will do our best, as already stated, to give you an opportunity to enjoy a relaxing vacation with added value!


Crvena Luka Hotel & Resort offers a possibility of investing into or rather purchasing an item of real estate from our offer that you find interesting. The purchase procedure is accompanied by a complete service of top-quality, professional and quick management and brokerage. It’s simple and efficient. Regardless of the country from which you have sailed into the port of Crvena Luka, be sure that through this purchase, you will acquire a new home and new friends!


Crvena Luka residences give you an opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of owning a luxurious property located immediately beside the beautiful, crystal-clear Adriatic Sea. These secluded locations are an ideal place for you to create your ideal version of paradise.
All accommodation facilities have been designed in a modern style with a subtle Mediterranean touch and are situated in unique natural surroundings; they are of top quality and hold certificates confirming their high level of energy efficiency – simply put, your vacation comfort is guaranteed!


To spend your vacation in Crvena Luka means to benefit simultaneously from all advantages of an unparalleled combination of nature and modern architecture. It also means an opportunity to retreat completely from your usual environment as well as to quickly and easily “dive into” different sporting activities, explorer field trips to either mainland or coastal areas, spa and wellness treatments, rich night life, entertainment venues, or you can taste autochthonous wine varieties in excellent restaurants as well as unforgettable gastronomic specialties of delicious Mediterranean cuisine.


Our resort is proud to be able to fly the White Flag – a symbol of clean water surface, clean sea and seabed, rivers and lakes. For an area under the White Flag it is guaranteed that all its water surfaces and all water bodies in its immediate vicinity are regularly cleaned and maintained in accordance with the rules of the Global Underwater Awareness Association (GUWAA) and Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.