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Crvena Luka Resort is a unique oasis for a perfect vacation. A perfect shelter from the storm, offering peace and relaxation, mysteriously isolated from the stress and tension of daily life by centuries-old stone pines. A cove of your dreams, with long and well- maintained walkways, sunbathing spots and sandy beaches reminiscent of the Caribbean, with crystal-clear sea and an underwater world that would have fascinated even Cousteau himself! We are proud that we can prove this fact with our White Flag International certification – an international symbol of clean sea, beaches, seabed and also habitable freshwater environments.
Crvena Luka Resort is a tourist destination with a long tradition dating back to the 1960s.  In 2013, the resort was completely renovated in accordance with a concept based on a closely-intertwined blend of untouched nature with modern and functional design, illuminated by the luxurious glow of our four stars. However, our offer is not exclusive of anything: all our amenities are adapted to you, our guests, in the sense that the peace and quiet of family pleasures accompanied by an array of relaxing services including spa, wellness, massages, sauna or baths, can easily be substituted by active and attractive sports or exploration and adventure activities, both on land and in the water, or you may opt for a peaceful gastronomic experience of savouring the flavours of the best Mediterranean cuisine or simply enjoying a relaxing evening entertainment programme.

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